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Virtual Assistant 
at Your Service

Dangerous Goods consulting


Hello, Anita is my name and I am an expert Virtual assistant

Dangerous goods shipping by air is my main expertise, but I can also help you with your day-to-day tasks such as e-mail correspondence, customer service insights and import-export assistance.

What Can I Do For You?

I will help you to realise your potential and ultimately reduce the cost by resolving the time-consuming, but necessary assignments for your business to thrive.

Administrative Support

Your inbox has many unanswered threads? Each day tons of adverts land in your inbox and you miss the important one? Do you need to sort your Invoices/Purchases? Your client data base needs urgent update? Let me help you organise your daily administrative nuisances so you can dedicate to the creative part of your business.

Customer Support

With over 17 years in Customer service I have accumulated many special skills and abundant knowledge in customer relations. Through email or phone communication it is your customer who you are doing this for. I will be happy to share some insights on how to improve your customer service.

Social Media Management

You are aware you need to invest in Social networking, you just cannot find time/words/inspiration? It is wise to know when and what to delegate, wouldn't you say?

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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